Your Voucher entitles you to complimentary hotel or resort accommodation in any one of a number of idyllic destinations.

And all you have to do is simply pay the nightly booking & service fees per room for that destination.

Please appreciate that the reason we can offer this complimentary accommodation is because for much of the year, the participating hotels & resorts have around a 30% vacancy-rate.

Therefore we are offering rooms that have gone unsold.

So popular times during the year like Christmas, Easter & school holidays, the hotels would not normally have any unsold rooms – meaning you probably won’t be able to choose dates during these periods.

The hotels are essentially foregoing much of their normal room-rate to participate in this program, in the hope that “non-paying” guests will consume food & beverages at the property……… therefore providing the hotels with “some” revenue.

And of course they hope that if you have a great time during your “freebie stay”, you will likely stay with them again in the future at full rate.



There are NO timeshare presentations required to use this vacation incentive or any other hoops you’ll need to jump through.

However, there are some simple/reasonable terms and conditions associated with this promotion.

Before you enter in your booking code (from your Vacation Accommodation Voucher), you should take a few minutes to make yourself aware of any restrictions that may affect you.

For example, you must not live within 100 miles of where you are travelling, and you can only use one holiday per year Accommodation Voucher per year.

We have recorded this short video to highlight the most important elements of the T&C’s, but we would still prefer you read them all by clicking here.

Please also note that you will be required to acknowledge you have read the Terms & Conditions in the form below.


It is now time to verify your “Vacation Accommodation Voucher” by entering your unique Booking Code as shown in the example to your right.

You can enter your booking code in the form provided on the next page. You must first accept and acknowledge the Terms & Conditions.

Please enter the code as shown on the voucher (all uppercase and with no spaces).

The code is structured with 3 letters then 3 numbers, then 3 letters (If you’re confused and not sure if you are looking at a zero or an O, knowing this “code structure” of letters & numbers should help).

After you have entered your valid code, you’ll now be asked to enter some personal information (first name, last name, email address & mobile number) and you’ll need to choose the location where you would like to take your holiday (eg: Rome).

You will now have successfully registered your Vacation Accommodation Voucher.


After you have successfully entered your unique code, holiday location and personal information, you will instantly receive an activation email from “”, our travel partner.

This email will invite you to “activate” your intention to enjoy the vacation accommodation.

Simply complete this “activation of your vacation” by paying the daily booking & service fees online within 7 days of receiving the activation email.

To see the step-by-step process of “activating your vacation”, watch the video to your right.

You will then have 18 months from “activation” to select your preferred hotel or resort & travel dates.